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 About FIN 


a friend in need is a friend indeed


Friends in Need is a collection of poems, stories, articles, films, photographs, music, art and more created by artists from around the world born between 1981 and 1996. We want to crush the stereotypes that are associated with our generation as well as foster a place to share with others about what we are experiencing.

Miles Sager 

Olivia Simonton

Ziad Damanhoury
Raquey Strange  

Ashley Goeltz

Melissa Baltierra
Katie Boeckman
Magdalena Fischbacher

Julian Pace
Charlie Rojas
Ashley Jackson
Tyler Faye


Alexia Hamon

Jasper Pakshong

Anna Simonton

Andrea Lomeli

Sammie Damanhoury

Maddie Bèl-Elska

Veronica Rosa Perez

Katie C'etta

Vanessa Giami

Meghan Cullen

JP Lansdale

Joe Kellman

Dan Gilstrap

Julian Terry

Robin Stewart

Shani Robinson

Anna Simonton


Los Angeles, CA

Atlanta, GA

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